Automate Student Payments With Verity Pay

Enjoy Clarity and Convenience with Verity's One-Click Student Payment System

With Verity Pay, all student payments can be embedded into your institution's workflows. From application fees to tuition to quick one-time payments, you can now utilize a student payment solution that can be custom configured to your unique needs.
It's more than just a payment link—the actual payment itself is built into your workflow and automatically updates your financial records and student contact records. With a built-in Stripe integration, payments are automatically deposited into your account with the click of a button.

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Harness the Power of One

Verity Dialog and Verity Student are two solutions with a common goal to ensure the best student experience from recruiting to graduation and beyond. Embark on the exciting journey towards graduation with unified campus communication and streamlined student record management features.

Engage prospective, current, and former students on a CRM platform built exclusively for Higher Education. Leverage the power of workflow automation for efficient, effective, and consistent communication throughout your students' journey to a successful career.

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Manage the entire student's life cycle in one easy to use platform for high efficiency, effectiveness, and transparency throughout the entire process. Leverage the built-in CRM, engage with prospects and students along the way to ensure high conversion, retention, quality of instruction, and increased placement rates.

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